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About the Hotel

  • Contains WIFI

  • Parking lot

  • Luggage Deposit

  • Restaurant

  • Swimming Pool

  • Fitness Room

  • Pick-up service

  • Conference

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Traffic Information

    Line guest international apartment (yuexiu time shop) is located in the old yuexiu district (yuexiu south road and east ShaJiao road), the traditional residential area for the city centre, at the jiangwan bridge south side, about 100 meters from pearl river linear distance, with its convenient traffic, near ShaJiao road and subway line 6 B exports a large square) and perfect matching (peripheral diet related service places from soup to nuts) wins the favor of many business travellers. 10 minutes can reach Beijing road, two big business circle, the square Yin electric city wholesale business circle near haizhu square, close to the han dynasty of the pearl river evening starting point - day visit word wharf, han dynasty ceramics museum, riverside road bar street, DE way toy boutique wholesale market, the communist youth league, a big square,about 5-8 minutes walking.


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