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[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near the West Entrance to Hongcun Scenic Area Map

3Sanyueli Hotel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] No.9 Dongbianjing Map

4Yike Boutique Hotel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near No.218 Provincial Road (Shangshuizhen) Map

67076 Boutique Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] No.15 Dongbiantian, Hongcun Scenic Area Map

7Sima Yi Shuimo Jiangnan Theme Hotel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near No.218 National Highway (Hongcun Village) Map

9Yunqi Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Back Street (former site of Jilian Middle School) Map

10Simayi Donglixia Hupan Manor

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near No.218 Provincial Road (Hongcun Secnic Area) Map

11Qingxinyuan Boutique Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] No.2 Tingqian, Hong Village Map

12Xunyichu Theme Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] No.15 Zhongzhou, Hongcun Scenic Area Map

13Simayi Sihe Tingyu Hostel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] No.15 Back Street; No.8 Middle Street (Branch 2) Map

15Deyuelou Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] hongcundeyueloukezhan Map

16Yunlin Yashe Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near No.218 Provincial Road (Shuimo Hongcun Phase 2) Map

17Tian Yi Tang Boutique Hotel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] 41 Shan Yuan Fang Street Hong Cun Village Yi County Map

18Lanyunshan Holiday Hotel

[Deep drawing] Near No.218 Provincial Road (Xiuli Film Village) Map

19Wanchao Jiujianfang Inn

[Hongcun Scenic Area] Near No.218 Provincial Road (Hongdong Village) Map

20Yipin Genglou Hotel

[Hongcun Scenic Area] 1 Hongcun Shangshuiquan Map

Hongcun(Huangshan) Hotel Information