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1Huamei International Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] North Bank of Sang River Map

3Yunzhihui Muquan Boutique Health Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Near the source of ailing hot spring, Jiangdi township, Longsheng county, Guilin city Map

4Longji Yihao Guanguang Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Dazhai Village Map

5Longji Terrace Inn

[longshenggezuzizhixian] near No.1 spot Jinkeng terrace Longji Terrace Longsheng Guilin Guangxi(Longji terrace core area) Map

6Jingzheng Holiday Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Dazhai Village (Tiantou Zhai) Map

7Guilin Longsheng Longjingyuan Inn

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Jinkeng Dazhai (Jinfoding) Map

8Longsheng Meijinglou Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Near No.144 Road (Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Area) Map

9Shuimo Longji Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Tiantouzhai Group, Dazhai Village Map

10Yijing Panju Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Jinkeng Terrace Site No.1 Map

11Wanjinglou Guest House

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Next to the No.1 Viewing Platform, Tiantouzhai Map

12Panorama House Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Xishan Shaole, Jinkeng Daizhai Hongyao Rice Terraces Scenic Area Map

13Tianxin Hotel (Building 2)

[longshenggezuzizhixian] No.84 Dazhai Scenic Area, Longji Rice Terrace Map

14Yun Lin San Ju

[longshenggezuzizhixian] No.263 Group 2, Tiantou Village, Dayao Village, Jinkeng, Longji Terrace Map

15Xianjing Building Inn

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Dazhai Jinfoding, Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area Map

16Longji Spring Inn

[longshenggezuzizhixian] NO.2 view point,Zhuangjie, Dazhai, Longji town, Longsheng county Map

17Guilin Longji Zhai Hualou Inn

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Longji Jinkeng Scenic Area (Tiantou Village) Map

18Yongya Shanfang Villa

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Zhuangjie, Dazhai Village, Jinkeng, Longji Town Map

19Travelling with hostel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Pingan Zhuangzhai (Terrace Scenic Area) Map

20Liangqi Shanfang Hotel

[longshenggezuzizhixian] Near Heda Line (Group Zhuangjiexia, Dazhai Village) Map

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