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Facilities & Guests
  • longshenggezuzizhixian
  • Pinganzhai Scenic Area
  • Jinkengzhai Scenic Area
  • Longsheng Bus Station
  • Ancient Zhuangzhai Scenic Area
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  • ≤¥150
  • ¥150-¥300
  • ¥301-¥450
  • ¥451-¥600
  • ≥¥600
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  • 3 Stars/ Comfort
  • 4 Stars/ Upscale
  • 5 Stars/ Deluxe
  • Apartment
  • City Comfort Inn
  • Home for business
  • Get-together & Cooking
  • Farmhouse
  • Leisure Camp
  • Courtyard
  • Youth Hostel
  • vacation
  • Near the hospital
  • Training
  • Party
  • honeymoon
  • Family Hotel
  • villa
  • Spa Hotel
  • Seaview Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Couple Hotel
  • Apartment
  • Golf Hotel
  • Garden courtyard
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Longsheng Meijinglou Hotel

3Longsheng Meijinglou Hotel

Near No.144 Road (Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Area) Map

Fengya Shanju Inn

5Fengya Shanju Inn

zhuangjie,dazhai,longsheng,guilin .guangxi ,china Map

Longsheng Zhaihualou Inn

6Longsheng Zhaihualou Inn

[金坑寨景区] Tiantouzhai, Heping Dazhai Village, Longsheng County, Guangxi, China Map

Huadian Xinsi Inn

8Huadian Xinsi Inn

[金坑寨景区] Tiantouzhai, Jinkeng Dazhai, Longsheng County, Guilin, China Map

Longji Dazhai Inn

10Longji Dazhai Inn

[金坑寨景区] Dazhai Village, Heping Township, Longsheng Town, Guilin, China Map

Wanjinglou Guest House

12Wanjinglou Guest House

[金坑寨景区] Next to the No.1 Viewing Platform, Tiantouzhai Map

Yunjing Hotel

13Yunjing Hotel

[龙胜县] Tiantou Group (Tiantou Zhai) Dazhai Village (Dazhai Cun) Heping County (Heping Xiang) Map

Guilin Longsheng Longjingyuan Inn

14Guilin Longsheng Longjingyuan Inn

Damaojie, Dazhai Village, Heping Town, Longsheng County, Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi, China, 541701 Map

Jing ZHeng SHan Fang Hotel

15Jing ZHeng SHan Fang Hotel

[龙胜县] Tan Tou Village .gold pit terrace .Longji terrace scenic.Longsheng.Guangxi Map

Longji Rice Terrace hostel

16Longji Rice Terrace hostel

DaZhai,TianTouZhai,Longsheng,Guilin,Guangxi,CHN Map

Longtian Hotel

18Longtian Hotel

[龙胜县] Tiantouzhai, Dazhai Village, Longsheng County, Guilin, China Map

Longsheng Dazhai Jinkeng international hostel

20Longsheng Dazhai Jinkeng international hostel

[金坑寨景区] (Longji Terrace)Tiantou Zhai, DaZhai Village,Heping Town,Longsheng County, 541700 , Guilin, China Map

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