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1Langyi Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] No.6 Huanhu Road Map

2Zhongjing Taichi Lake International Resort

[Entrance to the mountain] NO.6 Huanhu Road,TaichiLake District,Wudang Mountain Tourist District,Hubei Map


[Nanyan Raven Ridge] In Nanyan Scenic Area Map

4Wudang Yinxiang Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] Wuang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone Museum Road 13 Map

7Jianguo Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] Gate of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area Map

8Wudangshan Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] Yong Le Road No. 33 Map

9Ronghe Holiday Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] 39 Middle Taihe Road (Taihe Zhong Lu) Map

10Laoying International Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] No.1 Taihe Avenue Map

11Wudangshan Tianxin Hotel

[Nanyan Raven Ridge] 100m from Wuyaling parking lot Map

13Ambassador Hotel (Wudangshan Flagship)

[Entrance to the mountain] 8 West Taihe Road (Taihe Xi Lu) Map

16Ziyun'ge Hotel

[Nanyan Raven Ridge] Left of Zixiao Palace (Zixiao Gong Zuoce), Wudang Mountains Scenic Area Map

17Wudang Mountain Hon Embellish Resort

[Entrance to the mountain] Group 5, Yuan He Guan Village, Wudang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone Map

18Tianyi Holiday Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] No.6 Taihe West Road Map

20Taihe Xuanwu Hotel

[Entrance to the mountain] No.31 Taihe Road (1000 m from the scenic area) Map

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